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Text Box: Crystal View

We process a Photo and adhere it directly to elegant glass shapes. The end product is a translucent color image of your choosing that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Makes an excellent gift.

Crystal View Product

      Great gift for Mom or Grandma.

      Pet owners love them.

      Proud Sports Parents love them.

      New car and boat owners love them.

      Parents of Grads Love them too!!

Price range: $45.00 and up

This product makes a wonderful gift for Parents, Grandparents and Pet owners. Send us a photo or digital image of your favorite image and we will create a one of a kind gift that you will enjoy for many years to come. We ask for a photo to use that is very clean and clear. We will return any photograph with your Crystal View Product.

Just ask about our Crystal View Product

Crystal View and Sand Carving on Glass

Image above shows an original photo and the Crystal View Product we created from it.

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