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      Laser etching is the most accurate method on the market today to etch photos into stone. Our CO2 laser can hold very large pieces and can etch at a max resolution of 1200 Dot Per Inch.

Custom Laser Etching

      Etching on stone lasts forever.

      Parents will love the results.

      Be immortalized in stone.

      The results are fabulous.

Price range: $45.00 and up

      Custom etched photos in several different materials like wood, stone, glass, coated metal and leather to name a few. Let us create a wonderful keepsake that will last a lifetime. What beautiful Christmas or Birthday gifts these etchings make. Do you have an anniversary coming up and need a gift that will truly impress? Grandparents love the black granite etchings of their grandchildren. Parent love have a photo of their children playing a sport etched in stone, marble or wood. We can accurately etch any photo onto stone, wood, glass, acrylic or leather.


      Some limitations occur when different materials are used, for finest resolutions of photos etching on black granite is recommended.


      The laser does not limit us to etching on stone alone. Actually the laser expands our capabilities tremendously. We can now produce Signage by etching on many different plastics designed for laser cutting that produce signs that resemble many types of other materials like metal and wood signs.


      Fabric etching can now be done. We can etch on fabrics like cotton and denim to produce images and text. The laser beam bleaches out the material to reveal a contrast of lights and darks.


      Anodized aluminum etches beautifully with a lot of detail. Many items are now made of anodized aluminum like business card holders, ink pens, money clips, boxes, glasses, cups and cup holders to name a few.


      Glass etching with a laser is also possible with design accuracy and repeatability. Many glass items can be etched including round objects like bottles and glasses.


      Metal marking is now one of our biggest capabilities. We now have the ability to mark metals such as stainless steel, tool steel, titanium and chrome. Using a product that is applied to the surface of the metal when lasered turns black and permanently bonds to the top surface of the metal.


      Acrylic awards are one of the best applications for our laser. We can now etch and deep etch on acrylic to create beautiful awards of any shape, size or thickness. Manufactures are making acrylic look exactly like glass and in some cases the results far surpasses the look of glass awards.


      Scroll saw on steroids. Our laser can cut thru wood faster than a scroll saw on steroids.  We can now make Christmas ornaments, pieces for puzzles, parts for various products, deep 3D etching of images in wood and cut completely thru many different type of woods with the accuracy of a laser.


      Custom picture frames and mats are now a reality with the CO2 laser. We can customize and personalize many picture frames and cut custom mats to match the picture being framed.  We can add any text or graphics to be etched  directly into the picture frame of mat.

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Laser etched photo on wood

Above picture is etched in wood using a digital image as the original.

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We accept MASTERCARD by phoneWe accept VISA by phoneWe accept MASTERCARD by phoneWe accept VISA by phoneLaser etched photo on woodLaser Engraved Image of Child on graniteLaser Engraved Photo of Child on GraniteLaser engraved photo Christmas ornamentChristian Christmas ornamentLaser engraved Christmas ornamentChristmas ornamentLaser Engraged Christmas ornamentLaser cut Christmas ornamentLaser cut Christmas ornamentLaser cut Christmas ornamentLaser etched name badgeLaser etched Sign Aztec calander laser etched in wood

Photo engraved on wood.

Photo engraved on granite.

Photo engraved on granite.

Photo engraved on wood.

Engraved on wood.

Engraved on wood.

Laser Cut out of wood

Laser Cut out of wood

Laser Cut out of wood

Laser Cut out of wood

Laser Engraved Metal Badge

Laser Engraved Plastic Sign

Photo engraved on wood.